20 Popular Disney Funny Quotes and Sayings Collection

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Famous Disney Funny Quotes

disney funny quotes airplane surely you

1. Airplane Surely You Can’t Be Serious – I Am Serious And Don’t Call Me Shirley

seeing a spider disney funny quotes

2. It Becomes A Problem When It Disappears!

disney funny quotes mute naked girl

3. Mute Naked Girl On A Beach Seems Legit I’ll Put A Ring On It

i've never felt this way disney funny quotes

4. I’e Never Felt This Way About Anyone I Want To Do Something For Her. But What?

disney funny quotes i don't need paint

5. I Don’t Need Paint Glass Slippers Are So Before Midnight I Read That Book Before It Was A Movie

today's special moment are disney funny quotes

6. Today’s Special Moment Are Tomorrow’s Memories.

today's special moment disney funny quotes

7. Today’s Special Moment Are Tomorrow’s Memories.

disney funny quotes you are braver than

8. You Are Braver Than You Believe Stronger Than You Seem &Amp; Smarter Than You Think

oh, al i'm gettin disney funny quotes

9. Oh, Al,I’m Gettin’ Kind Of Fond Of You Kid Not That I Wanna Pick Out Curtains Or Anything.

Best Disney Funny Quotes

disney funny quotes as a child i saw

10. Me? Behave As A Child I Saw Tarzan Almost Naked Cinderella Arrived Home After Midnight Pinocchio Told Lies, Aladdin Was A Thief Batman Drove Over 200 Miles An Hour Snow Whit Lived In A House With 7 Men, Popeye Smoked A Pipe &Amp; Had Tattoos, Pac Man Ran Around To Digital Music While Eating Pills All Night &Amp; Shaggy And Scooby-Doo Were Mystery Solving Hippies That Always Had The Munchies So, Don’t Blame Me For Being Wild Blame Disney

i have made the disney funny quotes

11. I Have Made The Decision To Trust You A Horrible Decision Really

disney funny quotes oh yes the past

12. Oh Yes, The Past Can Hurt But The Way I See It You Can Either Run From It Or Learn From It

well, they're just fine disney funny quotes

13. Well They’re Just Fine A Little Dark A Little Gloomy And There’s Always Hey Full Of Dead People Whar Are You Gonna Do?

disney funny quotes disney characters

14. Disney Characters Name Explained Lion In Swahili No One In Latin Friend In Swaahili Ereet Penis In English

most everyone's disney funny quotes

15. Most Everyone’s Mad Here. You May Have Noticed That I’m Not All There Myself

dead girls can't disney funny quotes

16. Dead Girls Can’t Say No

disney funny quotes i'll catch you and i'll

17. I’ll Catch You And I’ll Never Let You Go Again.

i try to build disney funny quotes

18. I Try To Build A Full Personality For Each Of Our Cartoon Characters To Make Them Personalities.

disney funny quotes the human world

19. The Human World It’s A Mess.

stares into your disney funny quotes

20. Star Into Your Eyes The Entire Night Makes You Prove You’re The Same Person

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