17 Popular Hip Hop Quote & Sayings Pictures

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Famous Hip Hop Quote

Dance First Think Later Hip Hop Quote

1. Dance First Think Later It’s The Natural Order

Hip Hop Quote Never Let A Couple

2. Never Let A Couple Of Good Memories Make You Move Backwards Look Ahead And Move On

Sometimes I Feel Like Hip Hop Quote

3. Sometimes I Feel Like Rap Music Is Almost They Key To Stopping Racism

Hip Hop Quote We'll Have Your Noggin

4. We’ll Have Your Noggin Bobbing Like You’re Riding A Tobbogan

Cash Rules Everything Hip Hop Quote

5. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Hip Hop Quote If I Woke Up Tomorrow

6. If I Woke Up Tomorrow And Didn’t Have A Dolla As Long As I Have My Heart I Can Get It All Over

Remember One Thing Through Hip Hop Quote

7. Remember One Thing Through Every Dark Night There’s A Bright Day After That So No Matter How Hard It Get Stick Your Chest Out Keep Your Head Up And Handle It

Hip Hop Quote If You Can't Find Something

8. If You Can’t Find Something To Live For Your Best Find Something To Die For

Keep Calm And Dance Hip Hop Quote

9. Keep Calm And Dance

Hip Hop Quote You've Got Enemies Good

10. You’ve Got Enemies Good That Means You Actually Stood Up For Something In Your Life

I Play My Enemies Hip Hop Quote

11. I Plat My Enemies Like A Game Of Chess Where I Rest No Stress

You Can Love Me Hip Hop Quote

12. You Can Love Me Or Hate Me I Swear It Won’t Make Me Or Break Me

Hip Hop Quote Listen To Hip Hop

13. Listen To Hip Hop

Hip Hop Is The Hip Hop Quote

14. Hip Hop Is The Most Vibrant And Cultural Art You’ll Ever Come Across Respect That

Hip Hop Quote God Gave You Shoes

15. God Gave You Shoes To Fit You So Put Em On And Wear Em Be Yourself Man Be Proud Of Who You Are Even If It Sounds Corny Don’t Ever Let Anyone Tell You You Ain’t Beautiful

Rap Is Something You Hip Hop Quote

16. Rap Is Something You Do Hip Hop Is Something You Live

Hip Hop Quote I Met Hip Hop

17. I Met Hip Hop Once Now Were Best Friends

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